Diagnostics Evidence Accelerator Parallel Work Group: 

With lessons learned from the Therapeutics Evidence Accelerator Parallel Analysis Work Group, this workstream brings analytic partners together to address key research questions about diagnostic testing in parallel. Initial activities of this work stream include (1) rapidly revising a list of core data elements; (2) identifying those elements critical to answering the primary question; and (3) establishing uniform collection parameters. This group works collaboratively to determine how data elements are being extracted and how they are being defined to operationalize a platform that can answer current research questions.

Date Topic File Link Workstream
2022-07-21 A Systems Integrated Approach to Pandemic Response Diagnostics
2022-06-16 Real-world Assessment of Diagnostic and Serologic Testing of SARS-CoV-2/Steps Towards Laboratory Interoperability for RWD/RWE Diagnostics
2022-05-19 Connecting the Pipes Diagnostics
2022-04-21 Public-Private Partnerships for the Generation of Real-World Evidence/Decentralized, Rapid Molecular Disease Screening Diagnostics
2022-03-17 Totality of Evidence for the Evaluation of Repurposed Therapeutics for COVID-19/Genomic Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 Variants Diagnostics
2022-02-17 IICC Introduction/Lab Data Interoperability Opportunities Diagnostics
2022-01-20 Data Flow/Data Opportunities and FDA Foundation Funding Announcement Diagnostics