COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator – Vaccine Workstream

As COVID-19 vaccines go into more arms, real-world data (RWD) flows from vaccination sites to public health systems, electronic health records, and payor claims. To explore how to best monitor and leverage these data, to track vaccine performance, The COVID-19 Evidence Accelerator’s Vaccine workstream draws upon the knowledge and experience experts in real-world data, vaccine epidemiology, public health and other sectors.  

To illustrate the challenges of gathering and using RWD for assessing the performance of COVID-19 vaccines, colleagues at the FDA developed a graphical representation of the journey of vaccine data from the perspective of a hypothetical vaccine recipient. This video demonstrates how patient data, from multiple sources creates a fuller picture of a patient’s healthcare story.



This graphical representation builds on a previous presentation of “Heidi the Hypothetical Patient” first seen in our Diagnostics Evidence Accelerator Lab meeting.

Lab Meeting Summary 3/18/21: The Inaugural vaccine meeting featured a conversation between Dr. Michael T. Osterholm of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and OHDSI’s Dr. Patrick Ryan.

Other recent Evidence Accelerator Lab meetings with a focus on vaccines:

Lab Meeting Summary 4/15/2021: Utilization of Real-World Data (RWD) for Immunization Information Systems
Lab Meeting Summary 5/6/2021: Insurers and Payors on the Challenges of Accessing and Analyzing COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Lab Meeting Summary 6/3/2021: Utilizing COVID Vaccine Data at the State and Federal Level
Lab Meeting Summary 7/15/2021: Modeling of Infection Rates and Vaccinations
Lab Meeting Summary 8/5/2021: Sources of Real-World Vaccine Data and the Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Each

The Vaccine Workstream builds on the framework and methodologies already in place for the COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics workstreams. Check back for updates as our vaccine collaborative progresses.

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